Our team's financial strategy and processes are "on target".

At Pivotal, we create a competitive advantage wherever possible for our clients. We use our considerable financing expertise to take advantage of market opportunities to arrange cost efficient financing that achieves our clients’ goals which provides them with that competitive advantage.

Our only interest, as an independent firm, is to help our clients source and execute the optimal financing strategy. As unbiased financial advisors, we do not underwrite debt or equity and, therefore, avoid any form of conflict of interest. Our interests are aligned with those of our clients' to ensure we will successfully close the best available financing.

In addition to raising financing, Pivotal provides expertise in financial strategy development and risk management. We work with clients to develop financing objectives and evaluate relevant options in order to propose the optimal financial strategy and properly structure the deal.

Implementation Strategy

When implementing the strategy, we focus on structuring the financing and running a bid process with potential financiers to ensure pricing and terms are competitive. Once the financier(s) has been selected, we proceed to the documentation and due diligence stage to drive the transaction through to a successful closing.

The Financing Process

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